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Thanks for popping by! 

I'm Catherine, formally of Skinny Jeans and Coffee Blog but finally now brave enough to put it all under my name and admit to myself I'm a blogger! 

I'm a freelance copywriter (or, as I like to say, "I write blurb for people") and this blog has been my hobby since 2017. 

My blogs are a mixture of real life, travel, family life and random things that I feel compelled to share on the internet. If you like what you're reading, please subscribe and feel free to comment and say hello! 


A letter to my six year old....

To my beautiful boy, Wow, So this week marks your sixth birthday. Six! I know, it's not as though you haven't been ticking the days off the chart we made together three weeks ago or asking me incessantly for the last (at least) two weeks "how many sleeps now Mummy?" This is a big deal. Huge. We've had the chats about whether the birthday fairy (yep, that's a thing in our house) got the memo about exactly what you'd like for your special day and checking that the birthday cake


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