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It's here! It's September! Call me old fashioned but I still love this time of year for all the new beginnings it brings, I celebrate by treating myself to a shiny new pen or notebook just to embrace that back to school feeling. I love having a nice big clear out of all the crap that summer accumulates - namely, as a Mum, the utter trash that my son seems to bring into the house. Sticks, Happy Meal toys, (seriously, I remember them being pretty good, is it me or are they really crap these days??) endless pictures which started as being utterly cute, joyful and display-on-the-fridge worthy but the last few weeks have become nothing more than a couple of bored scribbles, a tin containing seemingly half a Cornish beach, bits of lego that oh my God hurt when you stand on them, I could go on.

A few weeks back (six to precise) I posted a blog casually mentioning to fellow parents the fact that we had the following six weeks, 42 days and 1008 hours with our little cherubic offsprings. At the time that seemed immense, though I had more than a few ideas on how we were going to fill it, namely with finding that Cornish beach and staying on it for a long time. And stay we did. We had an utterly fabulous time, the thought of sticking name tapes into all the items of clothing for school was far from my mind. The thoughts of queueing for an eternity for school shoes and leaving a good £50 lighter, also far from my mind. But those weeks have flown quicker than a blink and although I'm proud to have made plenty of those good old "hashtag memories" this summer, I am also one of those happy creatures that will be skipping into school this morning, (naturally after taking the compulsory first day of term school photograph next to the front door) waving the littlest love of my life off with a smile before high fiving all the other parents I can get eye contact or catch up with while we are all scurrying out of that gate as quick as our heels can take us. Then to enjoy that well earned deep breath / strong coffee / peace and quiet that I've not had for the last six weeks. (I'm kidding. You know me well enough to know I've had plenty of strong coffee.....)

Some of the other things I will be looking forward to doing over the next few weeks are - (in no particular order)

· (And I'm sorry for the graphic imagery of this one) Having a wee in peace without being burst in on with the door flung wide open (many kids do not care a jot if this is in public or not) whilst exclaiming loudly "Mummy look at this!" "Mummy guess what?"

· Not having to feed said small person approximately every 40 minutes. At best. Now, I am completely aware these small people need feeding and that's just fine, I can happily do breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. It's when they have had all of that but still want more. Or worse, the bored battle hunger-cry of "what can I haaaave??" Accompanied by a whiny voice. Obviously.

· Not having to watch kids TV whenever the thing is on. Now, we've been lucky, we've thankfully not had time to watch too much but I can honestly say I have watched no grown up TV for ages. Don't get me wrong, some I can cope with (Operation Ouch Doctor Xand I'm looking at you) but there is only so much a person over the age of 16 can take. (Mark Wright and your infernal den building, I'm looking at you.)

When my adorable little ratbag started reception two Septembers ago it was, of course, a different matter. I couldn't believe he was about to set foot into "big school" and leave me. I folded all his uniform into his drawers, where he could reach it to help him get himself ready in the mornings. I cried that first morning I went home to an empty house. (Second day was fine, I went shopping alone, it was marvellous.)

You get over it, the sadness of them growing up and starting out in that big wide world pretty quick. As soon as they start coming home, bringing you the latest "creation" that the form teachers don't want cluttering up the classroom with and you see how happy it makes them, it cheers you right up.

This year? I've named all the uniform feeling like an utter Mum boss. I've bought the shoes, I've packed the PE bag, I've even bought new water bottles after "bottle flip-gate" of Year One saw fit to end the life of the last ones. I've tried to fold the shirts into his drawer as I've done for the last two years and realised they are now big enough to hang in the wardrobe and worse still, he's tall enough to reach them.

That ratbag of mine is growing up, it goes quick. It won't be long before I write this as he leaves school, hopefully starts university, starts to travel the world and maybe, hopefully misses his Mummy a little bit, just as I'm going to miss him not being around so much right now.

And those loo-break interruptions, the mess, the chaos and noise of the summer holidays? I'm going to miss those too. Might need a few strong coffees.....

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