The Blogosphere Awards 2018!

If you are a follower to my Facebook page - and if you're not, where on earth have you been?! you will know that this very post you're reading right now is actually my second attempt as I somehow managed to press a button and, being the absolute winner at this blogging lark, managed to delete the entire bloody thing. Hashtag blogging boss. Hashtag fool of the highest degree.

And the real irony in all of this is that this weeks’ post is all about the Blogosphere Blog Awards 2018 - a fabulous awards ceremony that celebrates the best of the best in the blogging world. (Spoiler, it definitely wasn't me this year and if I carry on deleting full 1000+ word blog posts then it almost certainly never will be!)

This is only the second year Blogosphere have hosted these awards in London and after I read about them last year I knew I wanted to go along this time. I was lucky enough to bag a couple of tickets so ably assisted by my lovely friend Jo, off we went last Friday to Shoreditch, London (an absolute coffee lovers dream of a place) to see what it was all about.

After a stupidly long train journey (think the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer train but without the views) which called in at EVERY station, even those we hadn’t heard of, we arrived in Euston and headed straight for our hotel. Bags dropped and a quick stroll to the Blues Kitchen on Shoreditch High Street later we decided to celebrate the fact we had a) finally made it after me booking the-train-that-took-way-too-long) and b) we had a whole night and day in London with no kids, hurrah! A few glasses of fizz and a rather gorgeous bowl of Jambalaya later, we headed for the next spot on the list - a place more Instagrammable than a Kardashian. I'll let the picture do the talking shall I.....

Feeling like a "proper" blogger now the pics were on the 'Gram, off we went to get ready for the night ahead – The Blogosphere Awards. Now, if you're not familiar with Blogosphere Magazine, let me enlighten you. This is a magazine that drops with a very satisfying thump on to your doormat at quarterly intervals in the year and contains everything there is to know about the blogging world, the up and coming bloggers, the old favourites and the wonderful world in general of this mad thing I'm now proud to call a job. One of my favourite things to do as soon as I have shuffled off all the responsibilities that come with being a working from home Mum is to curl up somewhere quiet and cosy with a cup of something nicely caffeinated with my copy of Blogosphere and delve in to see what's new. This is absolutely always accompanied with me making lists on my phone of new people to follow, new blogs to read and new things happening. (And more than ever so occasionally, noting down outfits that I am lusting after....)

The awards were held at the Tab Centre in Shoreditch, which is a fabulous venue and really suited the event. A photographer was on hand to capture the evening (John Nassari, thank you for your fab images) and off we went up the red carpet.

Yes, you read that correctly, I walked up a red carpet. Ok, it wasn’t a London Premier and I didn’t have Ryan Gosling on my arm but it was still pretty impressive and lovely to see everyone dolled up ready for the night.

Watching everyone milling around really made me realise that I am definitely one of the er, let's just go out and say it - older people in this industry. Realising that we're all pretty much doing the similar thing though of doing what we love and creating content we're passionate about really rang true and certainly was a topic of conversation with many of the people I spoke to that night. There was a really happy feeling in the place, people chatting about their work, their passions, their reasons for doing what they do.

The entertainment was supplied by the fantastic El Sam who had a voice to die for and managed to completely outdo Sam Smith when he sang the gorgeous "Too Good at Goodbyes." If you fancy checking him out, have a look, I spent a very happy hour on the train home downloading everything, he really is a fabulous singer. For anyone around my age, he reminds me a little of Marc Almond. Oh and he has THE most amazing cheekbones. but I digress...

Now, I have to admit, I’m not the most confident in a social situation, in fact I’d go so far as to say that when I booked the tickets for this, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d even end up going. Thankfully, having my friend there who is the prettiest of all the social butterflies and can talk the hind legs off a donkey (what even is that saying?!) helped massively and despite me managing to somehow knock a half full glass of Prosecco over in my opening conversation with the rest of the people on our table, (I talk with my hands when I get nervous, what can I say? Oh and I managed to do it twice….) I’m hoping I didn’t make too much of a dreadful lasting impression. The problem is, I am the worst at selling myself, I really quite like sitting in the background and watching from a distance rather than being up close and chatting with everyone. I definitely never think I’m actually any good at what I do and it's then that the anxiety kicks in. It was probably a good hour or so in until I started to feel a little more at ease and managed to speak to a few other people – who were absolutely lovely so exactly why was I worried again?! But, I suppose it just shows how anxiety can hit at the worst moments when you really don’t need it to rear its ugly head.

I think seeing the amazing people who were nominated and won the awards of the night helped me too. Seeing people who you almost feel you know after seeing so much of them on social media, reading their blogs and seeing their video content and hearing how they felt about being awarded as winners that night was really interesting and inspiring. It was great to see some of my absolute favourites do so well - Mummy, Daddy, Me (Parenting winners) Alex Harrison (Photography) Kingingit (Travel) and WishWishWish (Blogger of the year who I also had a lovely chat with at the end of the night, I have also spent far too much of the last few days lusting after the fabulous dress she was wearing too!)

All too soon, the evening came to a close and off we went with our incredible goody bags, which I unboxed back at the hotel room feeling like a child on Christmas morning. Just a few of my favourite goodies included a gorgeous PonderLily planner, Spectrum make up brushes, Benefit cosmetics and possibly the one that made me squeal a little with excitement - a reusable coffee cup. I think we all know how much I'm going to be loving that!

In short, I loved the Blogosphere Awards this year. It was amazing to meet so many fabulous people, to be inspired by everyone we met and to celebrate the joy of loving what you do. Thank you Blogosphere, the amazing sponsors and everyone involved!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off for a coffee in that beautiful cup and reading my copy of Blogosphere. Again.

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