The Corona Diaries...... Day 30

Bit of a different one for you all today - I decided to get all poetic and try my hand at poetry for the first time in a long time. The back story is I saw a similar, but a more positive poem on Instagram a few weeks ago and, as cute as it was I decided I would do my own slightly more “real” (in my world at least) version. Enjoy!

I’m worrying about the schoolwork

and the ironing piling up.

No one worries about MY mental health

or the need to fill my coffee cup.

No one knows what day it is,

is it Christmas, winter, summer?

All I know is, we had things planned

and now they’re gone - oh bummer.

We start each day with activity plans

It’s going to be just fine!

By lunchtime, we’ve all lost the plot

and Mummy’s reaching for the wine.

It started all so bloody well

I even started getting fitter!

But now my social media is full

of the constant Mummy brags on Twitter.

You just don’t hear of the “normal ones”

who cry, who worry, who stress

Those who aren’t so “Insta-perfect”

(and their kitchen is a mess.)

We’re trying our hardest in this mess,

trying to parent, to teach, to “frolic.”

To just keep our heads above the water

(at the risk of turning alcoholic.)

So, to all my parent pals out there,

I know we can say we tried.

Let’s stick together in this mess

and I’ll see you on the other side 😘

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