What I did on me holidays...

So I've been fairly quiet over the last few weeks on this little old blog. Rest assured though I have still been having my quota of coffee at my usual daily rate and anyone who has been keeping an eye on the old blog Instagram page will definitely have seen a few of the obligatory "oh here's my espresso saying hi" posts.

And what a summer it's been! Don't get me wrong, it's not been perfect, there have been a couple of particularly grim moments which I would certainly think better of than to post on here but that aside, it's been really good. A bit of travelling, a couple of holidays, some amazing weather thanks to the heatwave (memo to 2019, same time next year eh?) and most importantly, spending the best times with the people I absolutely love most in the world.

I've read a LOT of books. I put a link out on my Facebook page for recommendations and boy, did you lot do well! So much so, I had the chance to delve into some amazing page turners over the last few weeks, and trust me, when this girl gets the chance to switch off at the end of the day and decides she wants a decent story to dive into, I can devour them in days. Keep your eyes our for a "books I've loved" kinda post over the next few weeks as I think this could be a plan....

Oh and I've faced some fears. I am almost 41 years old (hate admitting that to myself let alone anyone reading this) and can absolutely say I am TERRIFIED of the water. Now, I can do a hot tub. Frankly, the depth and the average temperature of them works for me. Cup holders are also a big advantage. I may, if I'm feeling particularly brave, even venture into a swimming pool, though this usually only ever happens when the pool in question is in 80 degrees plus sunshine and preferably empty so no one can splash me. But the sea? No. Just no. It's totally unpredictable for one. Those waves seem to rise up at me saying "I might look calm and tranquil but my mate Big Wave is popping up in a minute to soak you and we know you don't like getting your hair wet." But this year? I heaved my slightly quaking self into a wetsuit, (quite comfy to be fair, who knew?) took the first few tentative steps into the waves with my friends who all immediately buggered off with their bodyboards and I stood there, looking like an absolute middle aged bird Who Didn't Have The Slightest Idea What She Was Doing. Knee deep, then waist, I paused whilst kids all around me dived in, squealing with delight (my own rascal included) and I started to get battered around by the waves that have mocked me all my life. Then I had the moment. The one where I thought "Actually this is ok, I can do this." "I Am In The Sea." Then that Big Wave, that giant watery irritant decided to mess things up a little by being the one that went right over my head, soaking me, throwing saltwater down my throat, choking me a touch and resulted in a 5ft 3 soggy blonde mess hastily being thrown thankfully back into the shallow water, scrambling to her feet and trying desperately not to cry like a 5 year old who just fell off her bike. But do you know what? After I had my little panic attack and confessed all to my giggling husband (ain't love grand) I retreated safely to the beach in the knowledge that I just faced possibly my biggest fear ever. And who knows? Maybe next year I'll have another go, maybe one day I'll not only carry a bodyboard but I'll actually use it for what it's intended. Instead of sitting on it eating fish and chips.

I have been updating my social media with various random pics over the last few weeks and one night, after seeing I was up to a pretty cool 176 followers on my Facebook page I thought it would be pretty cool to try and get it up to 200 by the start of September. Somehow, at the time of writing this I am up to 317! And do you know what? That makes this girl VERY happy. The thought of anyone having a wry smile or a making their eyes leak a little after reading anything I've written makes me amazed, proud, excited and to be honest, want to do a little happy dance. So to everyone who has recently started to follow my ramblings, a huge thank you from the bottom of my coffee cup.

For old and new followers, please stick around, bear with me and I hope you continue to enjoy the inner workings of my slightly confused mind. I'm no Zoella, (the thought of millions of followers actually scares me a little if I'm honest 😂) but I am absolutely so so proud and happy that people are even vaguely interested in what I have to say, the daft pics I post and everything else I decide would be a smashing idea to pop out there on the internet. I love all the comments, the feedback and the brilliant things you all say, keep them coming!

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